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Just Between Friends Reviews

Take a soap opera story, throw in some ridiculous plot twists, then combine them with sincere if sappy performances, and you have the makings of an average and wholly forgettable made-for-TV film. Moore is a bored Southern California housewife, whose only social outlet is attending an aerobics class where she meets television reporter Lahti. The two women develop an immediate rapport, although Moore doesn't realize that the man Lahti is involved with is her husband, Danson. Nor is Lahti aware that her lover is Moore's husband. If it all weren't so silly, JUST BETWEEN FRIENDS would be impossible to sit through. The real fault lies with writer-director Burns, who simply has no idea how to develop a serious drama beyond obvious cliches, moving from one episode to another as if following lines along a map. As the story takes contrived twist after twist, the film develops a strange sense of inadvertent humor. In its own way JUST BETWEEN FRIENDS plays like a mocking self-parody and, when viewed in this light, turns into an almost-entertaining waste of time.