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Joe's Apartment Reviews

The sight of roaches cheerfully dancing around a filthy toilet bowl while singing in chirpy little chipmunk voices was more than enough to sustain an MTV short. But deciding to expand it to feature length was a bad call. Resolutely genial stars Jerry O'Connell (of TV's Sliders) and Megan Ward don't stand a chance against the perky pests, and the movie grinds to a halt between creepy-crawly production numbers. The plot owes something to the Japanese feature TWILIGHT OF THE COCKROACHES, in which plucky roaches coexist happily with a slob but clash with his new neatnik girlfriend, and it's all as labored as can be. If it were even half as clever as the promotional web site -- which features such inventions as ROL, a parody of online service AOL -- it would be a small delight. But it's not.