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Island of the Blue Dolphins Reviews

Based on the popular children's novel by Scott O'Dell, this adventure is a sort of female, children's Robinson Crusoe set in the Aleutian Islands in the early 1800s. Karana (Celia Kaye) is a young native girl who is forced to flee the island of her birth with the rest of her tribe when white hunters threaten the area. Realizing her young brother has been left behind, she jumps ship and swims back. The two remain on the island and endure solitude for nearly 20 years. She learns to hunt and fish, make a home, and domesticate a wild dog, although her brother is not so resourceful and falls victim to a pack of wild animals. Distrustful, she passes up a chance to be rescued when another group of white hunters arrives on the island. Years later, after her loyal canine companion has died, she gets a second chance to be saved. She goes with the hunters, bringing her collection of pets along for the ride. A well-made film with a lead character with whom kids will easily empathize.