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Into the Night Reviews

Jeff Goldblum is an aerospace engineer plagued by insomnia and an unfaithful wife. One night while sitting in his car at the airport, he is suddenly faced with Michelle Pfeiffer, who falls onto his hood, then hops into the car and tells him to drive. An Iranian gunman also hops onto the hood just as Goldblum gets the car started, and Goldblum and Pfeiffer barely escape him and his bumbling cohorts. After a few more close calls, Pfeiffer tells Goldblum she has smuggled six perfect emeralds, formerly belonging to the Shah of Iran, into the country for a friend of hers. Now the friend is dead and Savak agents are looking for her. As they try to negotiate with the people who want the gems, they encounter a number of strange characters, most of them played by directors in brief cameos that comprise the film's big in-joke. David Bowie also makes a wonderful though brief appearance as a hired killer. The plot certainly doesn't hold up under scrutiny, but it moves along at a fast enough clip that the holes don't show. What chiefly keeps this film on target, though, is Goldblum's marvelously deadpan reaction to all the bloodshed around him. The tone, despite the frequent bloodletting, is light, and the film works better than the script would indicate.