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In Society Reviews

Abbott and Costello appear as a pair of plumbers who couldn't get water to run if they were in the middle of the the Mississippi. They are summoned to the palatial home of Hall to repair a faulty faucet. Ferried there by female cabbie Hutton, and arriving while a costume party is in progress, the boys make a predictable mess of things. Later, Abbott and Costello are mistakenly invited to spend the weekend on the estate of Grant, where they become involved in more misadventures. Sid Fields, one of many old-time burlesque comics whom the roots-conscious Abbott and Costello involved in their films, was the "gagman" for IN SOCIETY and was to have performed "The Language Scene," one of his standard bits, but it was cut from the film. A similar routine was, however, included in MEXICAN HAYRIDE. IN SOCIETY was the first of several Abbott and Costello films helmed by Jean Yarbrough, who also produced and directed their TV series.