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Idle Hands Reviews

Take the possessed-hand gags from EVIL DEAD 2, add two undead pals a la AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS, swipe a disembodied head from RE-ANIMATOR and you have the bulk of the inspiration for this less-than-inspired horror/black comedy. It's Halloween, and the little town of Bolan is being terrorized by a psycho-killer. Not that Anton Tobias (Davon Sawa) cares. He's truly the laziest jerk in town: hasn't been to school in months, does nothing but smoke dope, watch TV and snack all day long. His own parents admit that he wouldn't get his butt off the living room couch if the cushions were on fire. He can't get motivated to talk to pretty Molly (Jessica Alba), who lives right across the street, and even fellow weed heads Mick (Seth Green) and Pnub (Elden Henson) are getting tired of him. So the Devil finds work for Anton's idle hands. Hand, actually... the right one, which is responsible for Bolan's gruesome murder spree and seems to delight in dragging the unwitting Anton along for the ride. There's about half an hour's worth of sickly amusing material here, most of it involving the pot-addled Mick and Pnub after they return from the great beyond (too much wussy, Enya-esque music for their taste) as smarty-pants slacker zombies, a revelation that's part of the ad campaign, which is why we don't feel bad mentioning it. Unfortunately, that leaves a solid hour's worth of witless screaming, running around and expiring in a welter of icky special effects.