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Home Fries Reviews

An odd take on the Oedipus complex crossed with NO WAY OUT, this black comedy will doubtless puzzle and disappoint audiences looking for the straight romantic comedy featuring adorable Drew Barrymore that the movie's advertising campaign seems to promise. Weekend warriors Dorian (Luke Wilson) and Angus (Jake Busey) run their step-father Henry Lever (Chris Ellis) off the road in their National Guard helicopter. Lever, who's been cheating on his manipulative wife (a wickedly funny Catherine O'Hara) with the sweet, dewy-eyed Sally (Barrymore), promptly sits down and has a heart attack. The pregnant Sally, who works at the local drive-through Burgo-Matic, hears their bumbling radio dispatches through her headset. Determined to cover their tracks, Angus forces Dorian to take a job at the Burgo-Matic so he can find out what Sally knows. Sally being Drew Barrymore, Dorian is immediately enchanted, and must keep her safe from psychotic mama's boy Angus and their fiendishly manipulative mother, who insists on bumping off Henry's as-yet unidentified mistress. Never mind that Mrs. Lever rules the roost with such an iron fist it's hard to imagine Henry carrying on any kind of affair without her knowing; we're simply supposed to laugh at people who are dumber and loonier than us. It's a shame that Barrymore isn't on screen more, because whenever she is the film brightens considerably. The Lamaze scene with real life sweeties Wilson and Barrymore is genuinely romantic, but mostly there's little palpable chemistry between them. The film boasts slick production values and a charmingly modest turn from the charismatic Barrymore, but it's too trifling and uneven to be a good date movie.