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Hell's Devils Reviews

BEASTS OF BERLIN was made before the US entered the war and while people like Joe Kennedy and Charles Lindbergh were still trying to patch things up with the Hitler regime. Therefore, the film was banned for a while and was released only after serious cuts were made in the content. Because of those edits, the movie only touches the surface about Hitler and life inside the Third Reich. The slim plot, based on the story "Goose Step" by Shephard Traube, has to do with the dissemination of antigovernment propaganda and the underground plots of a few good Germans. The last two-thirds of the picture depict the cruelty of the concentration camps and the hero's escape to Switzerland. Amazing that the picture came out at all, as Charlie Chaplin had a terrible time convincing people he was telling the truth in THE GREAT DICTATOR. The Father Coughlins of America and the various rightist groups backed the little Austrian almost until the middle of 1941. The movie made a big splash when it came out due to the inhumanity shown. Little did the world know that it was not even close to the brutal truth. For its good intentions, this movie should get four stars. Unfortunately, the intentions of the movie's creators were better than their release print and we can judge only the final result. The only "name" performer was Alan Ladd.