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Hello Again Reviews

The premise of a dead spouse coming back to life to haunt her living partner is not a new one. Screenwriter/novelist Susan Isaacs must have thought she had stumbled on a new idea when her outline turned into the script under director Frank Perry's watchful eye. The two had worked together before on COMPROMISING POSITIONS, so it would seem that the creative forces behind the scenes would mesh well with the comedic talents they'd chosen to play the roles. Such was not the case, and HELLO AGAIN turns out to be one of the rare duds put out by the Touchstone subsidiary of Disney Studios. Lucy (Shelley Long) is a nice Long Island hausfrau married to Jason Chadman (Corbin Bernsen), a plastic surgeon. Their lives are going along well enough until she chokes to death on a Korean chicken hors d'oeuvre. Lucy's sister Zelda (Judith Ivey) is an occultist who manages to bring her sister back to life a year later. But Lucy discovers much has changed since her departure. The remainder of the picture is as predictable as the sun rising as it attempts to add some new twists to an old plot but comes up very short. The one saving grace is the performance of Ivey. She always seems to triumph over her material.