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Held Up Reviews

A hick-town, screwball comedy version of DOG DAY AFTERNOON, and surprisingly palatable despite its sitcom soul and star. City boy Michael Dawson (WB fixture Jamie Foxx) has a problem. His expensive antique automobile has been carjacked, his girlfriend has run off with a group of good-looking cowboys, and he's stranded in Nowheresville, AZ, at a convenience store whose cranky yet deadpan owner (Northern Exposure's John Collum) won't make change. Just when Dawson thinks things can't get worse, they do, of course. In lopes a spectacularly inept gang of first-time bandits who almost immediately run afoul of a local deputy (Jake Busey). Before anybody can so much as yell "Attica!" there's a hostage crisis going on, complete with a hyperactive out-of-town SWAT team, a posse of local good ol' boys with too many guns and not enough funding (at one point, they're forced to lob a skunk into the store in lieu of tear gas), grandstanding local media and a couple of obnoxious geezers with lawn chairs. Jeff Eastin's script has a lot of genuinely funny lines and juggles several subplots quite deftly; his characters, on the other hand, are mostly familiar stereotypes, although the actors are good enough to make you forget or at least forgive. Mexican star Eduardo Yanez, in particular, is a real find; as the bungling gang leader he's charismatic as hell and has killer comic timing to boot. There's an obligatory feel-good ending that's totally unbelievable, and the raunchy first act banter between Foxx and his girlfriend (Nia Long) is disconcertingly at odds with the Preston Sturges-style stuff that follows. On balance, however, this is a reasonably diverting time-waster; whether that's sufficient reason to plunk down $9 at your local cineplex is an open question.