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Get Smart's Bruce and Lloyd Out of Control Reviews

Filmed simultaneously with the theatrical GET SMART, this direct-to-DVD companion piece unfolds during the same time frame and the action occasionally overlaps. But its heroes are lab geeks Bruce and Lloyd, rather than Max Smart and Agent 99. Gadget guys Bruce (Masi Oka, of TV's Heroes) and Lloyd (Nate Torrence, of TV's Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) get no respect, even though intelligence agency CONTROL is in constant need of new technologies with which to fight the minions of KAOS. Their current project is OCT -- optical camouflage technology – and they've almost perfected it: As soon as they solve the battery-life issue, CONTROL field agents will be able to escape danger by disappearing behind a cloak of invisibility. They're under relentless pressure from Agent 1 (Larry Miller) to perfect their invention: Not only is he none-too-subtly angling for CONTORL's top spot, but he's determined to show up his twin brother, who happens to be a CIA bigwig, and CONTROL and the CIA are longtime rivals. Unfortunately for Bruce and Lloyd, the newly perfected cloak is stolen during a late-night party in the lab, and CONTROL headquarters is attacked a few hours later. With all but one of the agency's hands-on operatives compromised, CONTROL is more vulnerable than ever, and when Agent 1 learns the cloak is gone, he forces Bruce and Lloyd into the field to retrieve it. Their one clue: Someone was caught on tape testing the cloak outside the Embassy of the Republic of Maraguay (a "small angry nation between Paraguay and Uruguay"), and stunning Isabella (Marika Dominczyk), who attended Bruce and Lloyd's party, just happens to work there. Penned by GET SMART screenwriters Tom J. Astle and Matt Ember and directed by Gil Junger, BRUCE AND LLOYD contains a handful of shots that also appear in GET SMART, along with original cameos by Anne Hathaway (Agent 99), Terry Crews (Agent 91), Patrick Warburton (Hymie, the robo-spy) and Kelly Karbacz, CONTROL's snooty receptionist. Many of the gags revolve around Bruce and Lloyd's dismal love lives and general nerdiness, but for supporting characters they hold up surprisingly well in the spotlight.