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Front Page Woman Reviews

As far-fetched a newspaper yarn as ever was concocted, FRONT PAGE WOMAN is not quite funny enough to rank as a full-fledged comedy, but it has enough moments in it to please undiscerning audiences. George Brent is the hard-nosed editor of a newspaper and Bette Davis writes the agony column for a rival rag. They are in love, but Brent is a chauvinist who thinks a woman's place is not in the editorial office. Davis wants to marry Brent, but she won't do it until she can show Brent that women can succeed at reporting. She gets her chance when she's assigned to cover a fire, which leads her to uncover a complicated plot involving arson and murder. As a result, she gets a major scoop for her paper, but Brent is unimpressed, saying a good reporter would have found out who the murderer was--a bit of information Davis was unable to get. Davis and Brent then get involved in a wildly implausible battle to identify the guilty party. Though the picture contains almost nothing in the way of credibility, it's great fun with its witty dialog and fast pace. Davis and Brent, of course, are delightful together in this, one of 11 films in which they co-starred (DARK VICTORY and JEZEBEL were among the others). This same plot was used in BLONDES AT WORK, an entry in the "Torchy Blane" series.