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Free Enterprise Reviews

Imagine SWINGERS, populated entirely by Star Trek weenies. Sounds like sheer, depressing Hell, but this engaging first feature is actually anything but. Best friends Mark (Eric McCormack, of TV's Will & Grace) and Robert (Rafer Weigel) could almost be mistaken for desirable young men. They're slim, nicely dressed and don't live in their parents' basements or breathe exclusively through their mouths. But they're total, irredeemable fan boys for whom life is defined by movies (especially sci-fi movies), comic books and, above all, classic Trek. As children, each had a vision of William Shatner in his darkest hour; Mark when he was unable to get in to see STAR TREK — THE MOTION PICTURE and Robert as he was bullied by a schoolyard sadist who insisted Han Solo was cooler than Captain Kirk. Mark has grown up (matured is probably not the word) to edit a successful magazine called "Geek Monthly," while Robert is a barely-employed film editor, currently cutting grade-Z cheapie "Beach Babe Bimbo Fiesta." Imagine their awestruck delight when they spot their idol in an L.A. book store, perusing skin magazines. The guys strike up an awkward friendship with Shatner, who talks about little except a six-hour musical version of Julius Ceasar he wants to make with himself in all the roles, and in the process gain some insight into themselves. Shatner is a delightful surprise, entirely willing to poke fun at both himself and Star Trek obsession without lapsing into "Get a life" nastiness. And stars McCormack and Weigel make the boy-men they play remarkably endearing, even as they're blowing their paychecks on action figures and doing intellectual back-flips to make all roads lead to Trek. Director, co-writer and editor Robert Meyer Burnett's debut feature is too long for its slight premise, but it's a charmer none the less.