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Frank McKlusky, C.I. Reviews

A cartoonish farce likely to disappoint even the staunchest fans of bird-brained comedy. In 1979, barnstorming daredevil Madman McKlusky (Randy Quaid) performed stunts with a 99% survival rate. When he was injured at the Saugus Speedway, two unscrupulous insurance adjustors, Ronnie and Reggie Rosengold (Kevin Pollak, Tracy Morgan) denied his claim. As a result, Madman's son Frank vowed to become an honest insurance investigator when he grew up. With her husband in a coma, Edith McKlusky (Dolly Parton) devotes her life to overprotecting young Frank, and the adult Frank (Dave Sheridan) is safety conscious to a fault. He teams up with best friend, Jimmy (Kevin Farley), to uncover insurance shams but in deference to his mother, Frank works behind the scenes while Jimmy takes the risks. One job involves keeping tabs on con man Scout Bayou (Enrico Colantoni), who's pretending to be confined to a wheelchair. But before Jimmy can nail the phony, someone drowns him in a fish tank. Frank refuses to accept the police verdict of suicide, takes on a new teammate, Sharon (Cameron Richardson), and bravely abandons his retiring attitude towards work in the field. While investigating Jimmy's death, Frank uncovers a case of policy fraud involving steroid-abusing female gymnasts and jockeys who wind up dead. Eventually, Frank's boss, Mr. Gafty (Orson Bean), pulls the plug on the Bayou case and warns Frank to lay off the Rosengolds. If Frank finds incriminating evidence left behind by Jimmy, can he expose the Rosengolds and Bayou? Up-and-coming comic Sheridan looks remarkably like a more handsome Jim Carrey but lacks Carrey's comic timing. Moreover, Sheridan and the rest of the cast are hog-tied by a convoluted plot line and the production's juvenile sense of vulgarity.