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Flirting with Danger Reviews

Reviewed By: Brian J. Dillard

This standard-issue TV thriller hammers home a lesson that viewers of television's Angel learned during that show's fourth season: Charisma Carpenter sure is beautiful, and she sure knows how to play frosty rich girls, but she's not all that convincing when called upon to exude actual evil. Although the entire plot of Flirting With Danger hinges on the question of whether Carpenter's character is an innovent victim or a vicious killer, it gives away nothing to point out that the versatile comic actress is called upon to exude far more moral ambiguity than her skill set can support. Then again, it's hardly Carpenter's fault that the script offers up such a rote execution of erotic-thriller conventions. No matter how slick and professional, Flirting With Danger lacks the psychological acuity of 1987's Black Widow, which is still the gold standard for this subgenre. With no subtext to fall back on, Flirting With Danger hinges purely on its mystery elements, and they're about as gripping as an episode of Scooby-Doo. In short, this film will appeal mostly to audiences who are too lazy to flip the channel away from Lifetime after a Golden Girls rerun.