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Flesh for the Beast Reviews

Ultra low-budget mayhem ensues when a team of parapsychological researchers is lured to the notorious Fisher House, a hotbed of malign ghostly activity. Build by mad, bad and dangerous-to-know Albert Fisher, the house was once a brothel and the scene of many dark and unspeakable rites. It now belongs to Jon Stoker (Sergio Alarcon), an insinuating fellow who claims he wants the place purged of its malevolent atmosphere. The team is led by Ted Sturgeon (Clark Beasley), and includes two researchers Ketchum (Jim Coope) and Monks (David Runco), a pair of videographers, Clegg (Arron Clayton) and Shelley (Michael Sinterniklaas), and a powerful seer named Erin (Jane Scarlett). Ted gets a bad vibe from Stoker, but the group is dead broke and needs the money, so they remain. They break up and start investigating, and suspicious Ted is the first to go, followed quickly by Ketchum, who's seduced by a ghost-whore-demon that tears off his face. Stoker leads Erin to the basement, where she has a terrifying vision of occultist Fisher (Aldo Sambrell) buying an amulet from a gypsy woman (horror veteran Caroline Munroe, in a one-scene cameo), then slitting her throat. The amulet, she realizes, is the key to whatever's going on. Meanwhile, her fellow researchers continue to fall prey to the evil and frequently naked entities that haunt the Fisher house. Derivative, indifferently acted, artlessly photographed and awash in nudity and rudimentary gore effects, this direct-to-DVD feature mars the producing debut of longtime horror and exploitation distributor Media Blasters.