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First Kid Reviews

First Snotty Brat is more like it, but perhaps Disney thought such a truth-in-advertising title might be off-putting to parents and adult guardians. In any event, Luke Davenport (Brock Pierce) is the miserable adolescent who wishes his dad (James Naughton) would spend more time with him and less with those dumb Joint Chiefs of Staff, forging nuclear treaties and the like. He moons the press at a back-to-school shopping photo-op with the First Lady (Lisa Eichhorn), lets his pet snake loose at a swanky political soiree and drives his Secret Service escort (Timothy Busfield) to distraction. Enter Agent Sam Simms (Sinbad), a genial nonconformist (you can tell by his ties) who knows a confused, lonely boy when he sees one. Next thing you know, they're bonding over boxing lessons and figuring out ways to circumvent those nasty sticklers for protocol who don't understand that boys just want to have fun. This formulaic comedy is a real kid-pleaser, full of spitballs and slapstick mayhem. Most adults will be squirming long before the heartwarming finale -- what a drag it is getting old.