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Fifteen and Pregnant Reviews

Susan Cuscuna’s teleplay functions as an instructional video on how parents should handle a teenager’s unplanned motherhood. Having thrown her cheating husband, Cal (David Andrews), out of the family fold, high-strung Evie Spangler (Park Overall) strives to balance career and home life. Although her son has chosen to live with his Dad, Evie still has her hands full with self-centered Tina (Kirsten Dunst) and sullen Rachel (Julia Whelan), and after a long day at work she's in no mood for wallflower Rachel’s complaints about her more popular sister. Unfortunately, Tina misses her daddy enough to look for love in the wrong places. One of those places is the bedroom of a high school jock Ray Hood (Daniel Kountz), who reacts predictably badly to news that Tina is pregnant; she continues to moon over him. Despite having an unmarried friend burdened with the responsibility of raising an infant alone, Tina doesn’t bring any kind of mature perspective to her own situation maturely. Instead of pulling together during a crisis, Evie and Cal argue about Tina's options, like adoption. Rachel, meanwhile, gets tires of playing second fiddle in the Spangler household and moves in with her grandmother. Tina gets her first real taste of the stigma attached to adolescent pregnancy when her friends shun her baby shower. Enrolled in special classes at high school, Tina freaks out over the responsibility she's going to have to shoulder while Ray mouths off about a father’s rights without saying anything about marriage. It's finally dawning on Tina that she faces greater sacrifices in life than being forced to skip the prom, but it may be too late. What distinguishes this glorified Afterschool Special is its handling of the disintegration of a family under pressure. Dysfunctional parents and jealous siblings share the spotlight with a physically precocious teen, whose heedless behavior has long-term impact on several lives.