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Faeries Reviews

Relegated to a farm in the British countryside for vacation, an American girl named Nellie (voiced by Carley O'Neill) is stunned when a hobgoblin informs her that her wandering brother George (Geoffrey Williams), having partaken of their magical food, may be trapped in Faerie Land. However, the Faerie Prince (Dougray Scott) will release George if the kids prove their worthiness. Unfortunately, the Prince's outcast brother, the malevolent Shapeshifter (Jeremy Irons), is banking on George and Nellie's interloping to help him usurp the throne. When the Faerie Prince begs Nellie's intervention in his courtship of a mortal farm girl, the Shapeshifter kidnaps his brother, poses as the Prince, and insults the Prince's former betrothed, the Fairy Princess Brigid (Kate Winslett). Can the children placate the Fairy Princess until they free the Prince? Will the Shapeshifter prevent George from returning to the human world? Introducing the magical sprites of yore to a generation of cynics is no easy task, and if this attempt sounds a bit twee in this age of Harry Potter mania, that's because it's decidedly retro, like serving tea-cakes to an audience raised on Pop Tarts. It does, however, boast a vivid style of multi-plane animation in which the colorful and brilliantly defined forest landscapes pop out from the screen, like images in a View Master. The film was broadcast on the cable channel Starz! before being released on video.