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Eye See You Reviews

This gory potboiler, which went unreleased in the US for more than two years before debuting on video, requires Sylvester Stallone to go teary-eyed and sensitive in ways that would make John Rambo and Rocky Balboa cluck their tongues. Federal agent Jake Malloy (Stallone) can't nab a serial cop-killer who's already slain nine boys in blue. Not only does the wacko despise policemen, but also he carries a special grudge against Malloy for cramping his style during his string of prostitute murders four years earlier. The killer finally decides to hit Malloy where it hurts, killer one of his pals on the force and the slaughtering Malloy's wife, Mary (Dina Meyer). Malloy dives off the deep end and into a bottle, forcing concerned comrade Detective Hendricks (Charles S. Dutton) to signs up Malloy at a remote detox clinic in the icy wilderness that specializes in rehabilitating police professionals. But Malloy's ever-resourceful nemesis murders another enrollee and assumes the patient's identity. While Malloy participates in group therapy sessions, the killer starts decimating the patient ranks. Among the endangered patients are suicidal Jaworski (Jeffrey Wright), cynical Slater (Christopher Fulford), arrogant Noah (Robert Patrick), scaredy-cat Conner (Sean Patrick Flanery) and a dozen other gin-soaked rejects from the force, one of whom must be the killer. One by one, the alcoholics fall prey to the psychopath's knowledge of their weaknesses and, starting with the facility's director, Doc (Kris Kristofferson), starts targeting the staff as well. Malloy must pull himself together and end the cop killer's spree. As a whodunit, this failed suspense picture filters action thrills through THE OLD DARK HOUSE formula, and wastes the efforts of more top-billed stars than any movie in recent memory. Stallone cries a lot; viewers will follow suit.