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Ever Since Venus Reviews

Hunter invents a nonstaining lipstick (named Rosebud) and tries to get a booth in the American Beauty Association Show. Cosmetic king Mowbray tells him it will cost $1,000, because Mowbray doesn't want anyone to threaten a big sale of his to Hall. Hunter's friend, Gilbert, wins the beauty show theme song contest and the prize money pays for the booth. Hunter sells his lipstick to Hall and Mowbray tells the buyer that Hunter has no one to manufacture the product. Mowbray offers to buy Hunter out for $5,000 and that's when Herbert, who has been at the show incognito, offers Hunter his factory. An enjoyable B musical comedy. Songs include: "Wedding of the Samba and the Boogie" (Bernie Wayne, Ben Raleigh), "Glamour for Sale" (Lester Lee, Harry Harris), "Rosebud, I Love You," "Do I Need You?" (Sammy Cahn, Saul Chaplin).