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Eraser Reviews

Arnold's latest is one of those brainless thrill machines in which dozens of trained killers with laser-sighted weapons can't hit a slow-moving target the size of, well, Arnold. John Kruger (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is an "eraser," a Federal marshal who helps people disappear into the Witness Protection Program by obliterating their identities. Lee Cullen (Vanessa Williams) is the smart, beautiful whistle-blower who needs his help: She tipped the FBI to the fact that her employers were selling state-of-the-art weapons to the Russian mafia, and now -- surprise, surprise -- everybody wants her dead. Although our hero has the presence of mind to quip wise -- "You're luggage!" -- while blowing away a gaggle of gators at close range, we're a long way from Bond territory here. Derivative and utterly implausible, ERASER is big-budget action filmmaking at its dullest.