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Doug's 1st Movie Reviews

Harmless, inoffensive, pleasant... not high praise exactly, but appropriate enough both to the animated character Doug and his first feature film. Created in 1990 and a staple of Saturday morning TV, Doug Funnie (voiced by Thomas McHugh) is a nice, slightly geeky adolescent who lives on Jumbo Street in the small town of Bluffington, an unexceptional place except for the fact that everyone's a different color (brown, green, yellow, purple...) but all get along just fine. He has a crush on Patti Mayonnaise (Constance Shulman), a bright, self-confident girl who's not easily influenced by gossip or peer pressure, and pals around with Skeeter Valentine (Fred Newman), a loyal and likable oddball. They're all lovely role models, fundamentally decent kids who get into silly little scrapes and learn gentle lessons about caring, responsibility and friendship. Here Doug and Skeet discover that the legendary monster of nearby Lucky Duck Lake really exists, but that it's actually quite sweet-natured and is only lurking around the woods because the lake has become so polluted. Doug and Skeet name the monster Herman Melville (it tried to eat Moby Dick) and find themselves forced to protect it from local bigwig Mr. Bluff (Doug Preis), who's responsible for polluting the lake and would like to get rid of the evidence. Imagine a Scooby Doo mystery with a pro-environmental slant and you have some idea how the story unfolds. It's pretty dull stuff from an adult point of view, but as things aimed at young viewers go, it's refreshingly non-violent, unflashy, not smart alecky and mercifully free of insipid songs.