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Die Hard With a Vengeance Reviews

The third DIE HARD film is easily the most spectacular, featuring an exploding subway train and a manic car chase through the congested streets of New York that rivals THE FRENCH CONNECTION. Indeed, for the first hour or so--as long as the action is confined to sweltering Manhattan--the film's inexorable action-pic logic is as compelling as SPEED's. Unfortunately, as soon as the Nazi-esque villain (Jeremy Irons) make his appearance, the whole thing turns into an overblown Bond film with a working-class hero (Bruce Willis)--if that's not a contradiction in terms. Samuel L. Jackson is shoehorned into the narrative as sidekick, presumably to ameliorate the some of the nastier connotations of the DIE HARD series' violent appeal to white male resentment, which should make us all feel a little queasy after the Oklahoma City bombing.