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Diabolique Reviews

A vulgar reinterpretation of Henri-George Clouzot's 1955 genre masterpiece. Chazz Palminteri is the loutish, liver-lipped lothario who brutalizes his meek wife and brassy mistress. Isabelle Adjani is the poor little churchmouse, a former nun who hates his sexual bullying but can't tear herself away because it hurts so good. Sharon Stone is the nicotine-stained chippie with a second-skin wardrobe of cocktail dresses, seamed stockings and leopard-print everything. The women team up to murder the bastard, drowning him in the tub and dumping the corpse into a fetid swimming pool. They hope to pass off his death as a drunken mishap, but the body vanishes and the conspirators are trapped in a nightmare of suspicion and guilt. Alfred Hitchcock was so irked by the critical and popular success of the original DIABOLIQUE -- particularly when people started calling Clouzot "the French Hitchcock" -- that he resolved to knock them all dead with his own tawdry, low-budget shocker: PSYCHO. This artless remake would have passed right under his radar.