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Devotion Reviews

A veddy British drawing-room drama featuring one of the belles of the era, Harding, as a young miss who is so mad for a London barrister that she disguises herself and takes a job in his home as governess to his son. Harding dons a wig and glasses (it would not fool a blind person) and attempts a slightly different sort of voice so she can be close to dashing Howard. Though taken from a sudsy novel, it should have been a play because it is so hidebound to the one location. Howard is properly gallant and can make even the most banal dialog seem witty. Harding has a lovely face and a mellifluous voice, something that counted for lots of money at the box office during this post-silent period. Howard wins a case for playboy artist Williams who puts a move on Harding. Of all the roles, Williams' is the most fun, but that isn't saying much in what is essentially a talky and slow-moving film.