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Devil in the Flesh 2 Reviews

Movies like THE CRUSH have explored the obsessive female mind in a far less grating manner than this one. In this sequel to 1998's DEVIL IN THE FLESH, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe (of TV's Nash Bridges) takes over the role of psychopath Debbie Strong from Rose McGowan. Locked up in the looney bin for killing both her mother and grandmother, Strong is enraged to learn that the doctor to whom she wrote reams of love poetry has shared her writings with the rest of the staff. Their concensus is that she's deeply cuckoo, and the staff makes plans to medicate accordingly. Debbie disagrees with this course of action and the body count quickly mounts as she makes her escape. Taking over the identity of a well-heeled college coed she accidentally kills along the way, Debbie quickly fixates on Sam Decker (Jsu Garcia), her handsome creative writing professor. Unfortunately for all parties concerned, he’s already involved with Carla (Katherine Kendall), a fellow professor in the English department. Viewers already know Debbie doesn’t like to share — Carla finds out the hard way. Aside from some unintentionally hysterical dialogue ("Wake up and smell the dilaudid"), this tawdry thriller is a clunker. If proof is needed beyond the cliche-laden storyline (which includes both a bumbling small town sherriff and a nerdy roommate), be advised that every time the story starts to lag, a set of naked breasts is interjected into the mix. You know you’re in trouble when an alleged suspense thriller relies on nipples to keep your attention.