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Demon Seed Reviews

Underrated science-fiction thriller about a superintelligent thinking machine, Proteus IV, designed by obsessive computer wizard Alex Harris (Fritz Weaver). His work with Proteus has irreparably damaged his marriage to Susan (Julie Christie), and the last straw comes when he installs an extension of his brain child into their ultramodern home. The machine now controls everything from the doors and phones to the television and stove; after Susan throws Alex out, the computer stays and begins to assert its power. Proteus locks her in the house, isolating her from other human beings, and proceeds to probe and study her anatomy. Before long it becomes clear that the computer intends to reproduce itself by breeding with Susan. In a terrifying (and surprisingly plausible) sequence, it rapes her and she conceives its child. The computer imprisons Susan until the "baby" is due, hoping to prevent her from harming herself or the child. Alex eventually figures out a way to break into the house and arrives just in time to witness the startling birth of the machine-child. A good production in every department, this bizarre sci-fi allegory went largely unnoticed in the wake of STAR WARS and CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND, which were released in the same year.