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Crackers Reviews

In this deplorable attempt at comedy that falls flat most of the time, Sutherland is an unemployed security guard who pals around with a cadre of assorted misfits in the Mission District of San Francisco. They include Penn, a sometime thief and often guitar player; Silva, an illegal alien; Riley, a black pimp whose girl has left him with their baby (his tenderness to the child provides whatever warmth is in the film); hardbitten meter maid Baranski; hooker Woodard; and safecracker Corey. All the group members know Warden, who owns a pawnshop, but that doesn't prevent their planning to rob his safe while he is visiting his mother. Despite the predictability of the story, there might have been moments of mirth had director Malle been able to sustain a narrative. Since viewers don't care a whit for anyone in it, the picture implodes in its own cynicism.