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Confessions of Boston Blackie Reviews

This was the second in the Boston Blackie series and it moves at such a fast pace you don't have time to wonder where the "confessions" come in. Morris is on the trail of a valuable sculpture of Augustus Caesar stolen from Hilliard (Harriet of Ozzie and Harriet fame), who wants to sell the statue to raise funds for her tubercular brother's hospitalization. There are the usual brushes with the law, with Morris being suspected of every crime. Great fun is provided by Morris's constant sparring with bumbling Inspector Farraday. In one scene, Morris is disguised as a doctor. Lane complains to him that he has these pains in his fingers occasionally. "Soak them five times a day in boiling water and mustard. And go heavy on the mustard," Dr. Morris advises. Later when some one asks Lane what happened to his hand he mumbles, "Oh, a little mustard burn." Action-packed and well acted. This may not be art but its pace and sense of its own ridiculousness could give some of today's filmmakers a lesson.