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Cobra Reviews

Inspired by the most mindless and narrow interpretation of DIRTY HARRY (i.e., shoot first and never ask questions), Stallone plays a cop (Cobretti--his enemies call him Cobra), the goon kept in a cage until some psycho almost as crazy as he is needs to be eliminated. Here Stallone has to nab a crazed cult of serial killers while protecting a pretty fashion model who is the only witness against them. It's easy when you have the most stupid group of villains ever to grace the screen and an endless supply of ammo. Stallone takes the girl (Nielsen) to a remote town for safekeeping, but a cultist within the police department sends goons roaring into town on motorcycles to get Stallone and the girl. Every aspect of this film is reprehensible. Stallone's character is an empty hulk; the few attempts to provide us with little insights into his character are downright laughable. But really, what should one expect from an action film other than action? Well, there is plenty of action in COBRA, but director Cosmatos proves he has no flair for it. Scene follows scene in a dull, predictable, and repetitive manner.