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Clue Reviews

Easily one of the most gimmicky films of all time, CLUE must be the only movie in history to be adapted from a popular board game. Set in 1954, CLUE sees a butler, Tim Curry, greet six guests who have been called together at a mysterious old mansion. Martin Mull is a stuffy military man, Lesley Ann Warren is a sultry madam, Christopher Lloyd is a professor, Michael McKean is a homosexual civil servant, Eileen Brennan is a senator's wife, and Madeline Kahn is a widowed society dowager. Curry assigns the guests pseudonyms (Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet, etc.), and after dinner, weapons are passed out to the guests (a noose, a pistol, a lead pipe, a dagger, etc.--all matching the pieces in the board game). Shortly thereafter a murder is committed and the guests must deduce who among them is the culprit, (the cause of death is ambiguous). With the board game premise as the first gimmick, the filmmakers then attached the second gimmick: The movie has three different endings, and the one the audience saw depended on which movie theater they saw it in. During its theatrical run, newspaper ads noted whether moviegoers would see ending A, B, or C at their local theater. (The videocassette release shows all three endings, one after another.)