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Cherry 2000 Reviews

Set in 2017, this film tells the story of Andrews who leads an idyllic existence thanks to the companionship of his "Cherry 2000" (Gidley), a sexy, submissive robot who caters to all his needs. When the robot short circuits and can't be repaired, Andrews is heartsick because his was a vintage robot, the kind they don't make anymore, and he's unwilling to settle for one of the less attractive models Detroit now produces. However, there are Cherry 2000 models gathering dust in the lawless zone, just waiting for the right computer chip (which Andrews has) to revitalize them. He hires tough female "tracker" Griffith to accompany him into the zone and retrieve one of the coveted models. The evil Lester (Thomerson), a blond surfer-type who is into health food, working out, and sadism, is the overlord of the lawless zone, and romance blossoms between Griffith and Andrews as they battle Lester and his henchmen. The first part of this film offers some fairly clever, funny bits, particularly a singles bar in which patrons show audition tapes to one another and then meet with lawyers to negotiate exactly what will transpire on a "date." However, once Griffith an Andrews enter the lawless zone attempts at quirky humor fall flat and the film settles into a fairly conventional action yarn. Griffith is as appealing as ever and veteran Ben Johnson does a nice turn as an aging tracker, but the rest of the cast is just adequate. Though shot in 1985, the film languished on the shelf for three years until the producing company, Orion, unceremoniously dumped it on the video market in 1988. First-time director DeJarnatt would go on to do the 1989 release THE MIRACLE MILE, a very entertaining apocalyptic thriller that also suffered from weak distribution.