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By Dawn's Early Light Reviews

What should we do with troubled kids? Send them on a cross-country horseback ride, according to this unintentional comedy. Meet Mike Lewis (Chris Olivero), an LA rich kid who plays video games, listens to scurrilous music, and disrespects his elders. Frustrated, the parents send him off to Ben Maxwell (Richard Crenna) the boy’s grandfather in Colorado. Of course our angry kid upsets the citizens of God’s Country with stunts worthy of Bart Simpson (but played straight, not for laughs). Enraged, Grandpa Maxwell takes the kid on a horseback ride through the suspiciously manicured countryside in order to straighten him out (but only after Stella Stevens as Maxwell’s neighbor Eli tells him, “this will bring you nothing but trouble, Ben Wallace Maxwell, you mark my words.”). Imagine the high jinks as our odd couple rides all the way to LA: an ornery rancher and the kid who can’t get on his horse or set up camp. Eventually they meet up with some cowboys with a chuck wagon (!) whose driver has fewer teeth than Gabby Hayes. Ah, the trail camaraderie: the chili that’s too hot, the fights in town, the maturating company of real men (whose lead cowboy is David Carradine). Finally our nasty kid tells a cowboy about his own age, “you know Eddie, I really am a loser with soft, mushy hands and no trail skills.” Suddenly, not just the mushy hands are gone: the quicksilver skateboarder look disappears, replaced by a ten-gallon hat and a tendency to say “sir.” But tragedy ensues, and this is where our boy truly grows up. For those in love with the films shown on "MST3K", but wish the puppets would talk less, this is the film for you.