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Burn Witch, Burn Reviews

A university professor delighted with the upward surge of his career discovers it is through none of his own doing, but is being conjured up by his wife with the use of a little voodoo and witchcraft. Since he is a rational man and a good citizen he naturally destroys all her spiders, skulls, and dolls. Life, of course, falls apart. A student accuses him of rape, he almost dies in a car crash, and he finds his wife nearly dead in a graveyard. An effective climax shows a stone eagle coming to life, proving once again that behind every great man, etc. For protection, American threater-goers were given a special pack of salt and words to an ancient incantation during the showing of this oddball, scary tale. This director was previously responsible for CHAMBER OF HORRORS, and a 1944 Lon Chaney film, WEIRD WOMAN, was based on the same story.