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Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo Reviews

Kelly, Ozone, and Turbo (Dickey, Quinones, and Chambers) are back, in one of the fastest appearing sequels on record (released within seven months of BREAKIN'). Having won an audition for a New York show at the end of the earlier film but failing to wow 'em in the Big Apple, the trio returns to their old turf. The guys are busy teaching East LA youths to keep out of trouble by spinning on their heads; Kelly keeps in touch, despite her snooty parents' desire that she drop her inner-city pals to attend an Ivy League college. Sadly, the community center where the boys work is in danger of being razed by greedy developers unless the community can raise $200,000. To do so, you guessed it, they put on a show, following in the venerable tradition of Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney. This time, however, it's not staged in a barn, but rather all over the streets of East LA and across the rooftops, with all the community (including several corpses "animated" by the music at one point) joining in the large-scale numbers. Fast-paced, fully aware of its own foolishness, and with lively dance sequences, BREAKIN' 2 is an enjoyable diversion for those who like breakdancing.