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Brainstorm Reviews

Creepy yet contrived suspense film stars Hunter as a young scientist who saves distraught Francis from committing suicide. The pair fall in love, but Francis' rotten husband Andrews (who drove her to the brink of suicide in the first place) digs up the file on Hunter's earlier mental instability. He exacts his revenge by framing the scientist for obscene phone calls and other misdeeds so as to create the impression that he's cracking up again. Hunter and Francis retaliate with a plot to murder Andrews. Hunter expects to get a light sentence with an insanity defense since everyone is convinced he's crazy anyway. Hunter figures that he will be placed in a cushy mental institution, recover after a decent interval, and walk off scot-free into the waiting arms of Francis. Of course things don't work out as they plan.... Fine cast directed by actor Conrad, TV's "Cannon," in a clever and taut visual style. Good, spare musical score by George Duning.