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Boggy Creek II Reviews

More than a dozen years after THE LEGEND OF BOGGY CREEK became a major exploitation success, director Charles B. Pierce returned to the scene in this sequel--in which, besides writing, directing, and producing the film, Pierce also stars, narrates, and gives his son Chuck a job. The film opens with Pierce as a professor at the University of Arkansas, receiving word that a legendary beast known as the Boggy Creek Monster has been spotted again. Pierce organizes a group to investigate, taking along the younger Pierce and two coeds, Cindy Butler and Serene Hedin. The team members set up all kinds of scientific equipment in the woods, and with the help of a scary backwoodsman (Jimmy Clem) who has captured a baby monster, they lure an adult monster out of the woods. Not a thrill is to be found in this official sequel. (An unofficial sequel, RETURN TO BOGGY CREEK, was even worse.) The first "Boggy Creek" entry had a certain power in its pseudo-documentary style, but this film--made in 1983, but released only in major trade centers two years later--has none of that.