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Bloodfist VI: Ground Zero

This low-rent DIE HARD set in an ICBM complex rates as routine action fare for ubiquitous straight-to-video star Don "The Dragon" Wilson. Disguised as an old man (Bert Remsen), "Party of Allah" terrorist Fawkes (Jonathan Fuller) leads his cutthroat gang into a technically outmoded SAC nuclear missile base, taking out a score of guards while on the way to the underground launch-control room. While Fawkes' follower Sabian (Marcus Aurelius) sets his computer to decode the site's targeting sequence, they kill one guard in order to get his launch key. The other guard, Major Tillman (Steve Garvey), refuses to give up his key, even when Fawkes menaces Tillman's girlfriend Tori (Cat Sassoon)--an empty threat since she is working with Fawkes. Meanwhile, lowly courier Nick Corrigan (Don "The Dragon" Wilson) enters the picture. Corrigan is a former Special Forces commander who was demoted when he violated orders to save his unit in Central America. Corrigan arrives at the complex needing Tillman's signature, which he gets, along with (by chance) the second launch key. Working his way back through the building, Corrigan battles various terrorists in a singlehanded attempt to reach the control room. At one point he is captured and, in exchange for Tillman's life, gives up the key to Fawkes, who re-targets the nuclear warheads to New York and other U.S. cities. Fawkes then attempts to blackmail a trio of SAC commanders for $100 million in gold and a jet, but with his forces diminishing by the minute, he kills Sabian--who has now turned against him--and starts the launch countdown. Corrigan foils this move. When his attack on the complex ends in fiery annihilation by Fawkes' explosives, a SAC general decides to sacrifice Corrigan and orders an air strike, but Corrigan disobeys orders once again. He battles with Fawkes, ultimately killing him. However, Fawkes has re-set the launch countdown, and the general has to talk Corrigan through manually disabling it. The air strike is called off in the nick of time. The popular BLOODFIST series, which is made up of direct-to-video movies that have no connection other than having the same star--WKA World Kickboxing champion Don "The Dragon" Wilson. This lumpy sixth outing, routinely written by Rob Kerchner and Brendan Broderick and lumberingly directed by Rick Jacobson (FULL CONTACT), manages to misfire its simple plot conceit into a welter of predictable fight scenes and shoot-outs. In addition, the action sequences featuring Wilson seem subdued and uninspired. Nor is Wilson much of an actor, although he renders his nondescript character as personable and sympathetic. Wilson is helped by generally miserable performances across the board, particularly by the chief villains: the statuesque Cat Sassoon (ANGELFIST) and Jonathan Fuller, doing a weak-kneed Alan Rickman imitation. Ex-L.A. Dodger Steve Garvey makes a respectable acting debut as the ill-fated Tillman, while veteran performer Bert Remsen has what may be his most unusual and brief role to date: after a couple scenes, he rips off his face to "become" Fuller. With its sets, military hardware, and special effects betraying low-budget restrictions at every turn, the film was executive-produced, like the earlier ones in the series, by the legendary king of quickie-productions, Roger Corman.(Violence, nudity, sexual situations, profanity.)