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Blind Beast Reviews

A disturbing erotic drama in which blind sculptor Michio (Eiji Funakoshi), who lives with his possessive mother (Noriko Sengoku), kidnaps a famous artists' model named Aki (Mako Midori) and holds her captive. Michio wants to transform Aki's perfect curves — which he's experienced by touching sculptures made by other artists — into a statue of his own, and Aki begins to fall in love her abductor until his mother's jealously precipitates tragedy. She tries to help Aki escape, but instead dies in the botched attempt. The horrified Aki rejects Michio, who rapes her and locks her up again in his windowless studio. As Aki's sight begins to dim, she and Michio become entangled in a perverse, increasingly destructive relationship that can only end in tragedy. Bizarre and claustrophobic — virtually the entire story unfolds within Michio's gloomy warehouse-studio — Yasuzo Masumura's thoroughly creepy tale of sexual obsession, based on a story by Edogawa Rampo, is a masterpiece of mod 1960s art design. Every inch of the studio's walls is covered by larger-than-life plaster eyes, noses and limbs, and a huge reclining nude study dominates the floor; Funakoshi and Midori play out many of their erotic games on its breasts, thighs and smoothly curved belly. Completely freaky and utterly engrossing.