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Black Moon Rising Reviews

Based on a story by John Carpenter, BLACK MOON RISING follows a professional thief (Tommy Lee Jones) who is hired by the FBI to steal top-secret computer tapes from a powerful corporation. Jones succeeds in lifting the tapes, but corporation security forces, led by Lee Ving, are hot on his trail. At a gas station, Jones stashes the tapes in a fancy new jet-powered sports car called the "Black Moon," which is being transported to Los Angeles by its designer (Richard Jaeckel). Jones later tracks the car down in Los Angeles; unfortunately, a sexy professional auto thief (Linda Hamilton) steals the car first. It's all very silly, but it makes a decent-enough action film that should satisfy anyone looking for some mindless thrills. Jones makes a fine rugged hero, Hamilton does well as the car thief, and Jaeckel lends his usual solid support. Director Cokliss directs in a workmanlike manner, but his action scenes are unimaginatively handled and lack pizzazz. Luckily, his cast is almost strong enough to make up for it.