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Beyond Glory Reviews

Ladd has blacked out during a key battle in Tunisia and is convinced that this lapse was responsible for the death of his commanding officer (Neal). After his discharge, the incident continues to haunt him so he visits the widow (Reed), and they fall in love. With her encouragement he enters West Point and is doing well in his studies, when he gets involved with a board of enquiry and the old claim is dragged up by the attorney for a spoiled plebe (Janis). Ladd is a good deal older than the other cadets and under great pressure from several directions. He leaves the Point and a court martial is called for. With Reed and Travers behind him, he returns to the Academy and the trial continues. Finally, a young soldier who was there (Hogan) tells everyone in court that Ladd was innocent of any wrongdoing and had passed out due to an artillery bombardment when Neal was killed. When a relieved Ladd asks, "Why didn't you say this before?" Hogan replies, "You never asked me!" What an ignominious cop-out for an otherwise interesting movie. Janis went on to become a regular on many TV shows.