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Battle at Bloody Beach Reviews

Audie Murphy was the hero of WW II, and no sooner did he get mustered out than the movie industry snatched him up and he began fighting the war all over again on film, except that this time the bullets weren't real. In BATTLE AT BLOODY BEACH, Murphy is a civilian working with Filipino guerrillas during WW II. He is desperately trying to find his wife, Michaels, from whom he was separated while on their honeymoon in Manila. A triangle has formed because Michaels, thinking that Murphy had been killed by the Japanese, has fallen for Rey, one of the leaders of the resistance. Murphy and his pal, Gary Crosby, fight the Japanese, eventually locate Michaels, and she and Murphy are brought back together when Rey gallantly strolls away to allow the married couple to continue their lives (as Rick did for the Lazlos in CASABLANCA). The story, production, and half the script were done by veteran Richard Maibaum, who became the chief writer for the James Bond films in later years.