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Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman Reviews

Although the character and background designs don’t represent a leap forward for animation art, Michael Reaves's up-to-the-minute screenplay about weapon sales is exciting enough that this cartoon feels like a BATMAN picture than a James Bond adventure for pre-teens. Batman (voice of Kevin Conroy) dislikes unsolicited help, even if the mysterious Batwoman, a curvaceous vigilante motivated by the desire for revenge against Gotham City's reigning evil crime triumvirate, does destroy a shipment of illegal armaments. Crime bosses Thorne (John Vernon) and Duquesne (Kevin Michael Richardson) have joined forces with Batman’s old nemesis, the Penguin (David Ogden Stiers), to manufacture guns for international dealers. As his alter ego, Bruce Wayne, Batman meets Duquesne's comely daughter, Kathy (Kimberly Brooks), and romantic sparks fly. Wayne also welcomes inventor Rocky Ballantine (Kelly Ripa), who's formulated a malleable form of metal to his business empire, but Rocky's breakthrough attracts the attention of Penguin and his arms merchants. During a date with Kathy at the Penguin's Iceberg Lounge, Batman discovers that Batwoman has planted explosives intended to obliterate the place. Once again, the mystery woman eludes him; perhaps gung-ho detective Sonia (Elisa Gabrielli), newly recruited by Commissioner Gordon (Bob Hastings), will have better luck. When Penguin loads up a cruise ship with weapons, Batman reluctantly teams with Batwoman, who's in over her head. To his surprise, Batman learns that the Batwoman could be Kathy... or Sonia or Rocky! As Batman tries to shut down Penguin's operation, will Batwoman prove more a help or a hindrance? Featuring a more sophisticated story than is the norm for kiddie fare, this film also features above-par voice performances and a genuine mystery in the question of Batwoman's identity — young viewers should be riveted.