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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery Reviews

How many of these bits of pop detritus of the '60s strike you as hugely amusing: Michael Caine's glasses in BILLION DOLLAR BRAIN, the lethal femmes of DR. GOLDFOOT AND THE GIRL BOMBS, "Incense and Peppermints," Dean Martin swinging his way through the Matt Helm pictures, TV's Hullabaloo and The Avengers, Carnaby Street "birds," David Hemmings' too-cool Brit photographer swagger in BLOW-UP, Ursula Andress' THE TENTH VICTIM wardrobe (notably the double-barreled bra), James Coburn in IN LIKE FLINT? This film is the incontrovertible proof that former SNL star Mike Myers gets a world-class giggle out of all of them. The good news is that this amiable, brightly colored spoof of '60s pop culture by way of James Bond (notably YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE) and Bond knockoffs is art-directed and production-designed to a Day Glo flower-power fare-thee-well; the bad news is that it's a one-joke picture, and the joke -- that reanimated British super-spy/high-fashion photographer/rock star Austin Powers (Myers), a hairy, buck-toothed geek in ridiculous clothes and a state of permanent rut, is out of step with the '90s -- doesn't hold up at feature length. Conspicuous among the psychedelic eye-candy are Mimi Rogers and Elizabeth Hurley -- playing two generations of Emma Peel-like sidekicks with fabulous taste in leather catsuits -- and the fiendish fembots, irresistible blond androids with silver hot-pants and take-no-prisoners moves.