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Arthur 2: On the Rocks Reviews

Madcap dipsomaniac millionaire Moore makes a less-than-triumphant return in ARTHUR 2 ON THE ROCKS, the sequel to the 1981 hit ARTHUR. Here, the title character and his bride (Minelli) are exceedingly happy, although Moore is still a drunk. The happiness is shattered when Moore loses his fortune and must struggle to regain his dignity and his wealth. ARTHUR 2 is a romantic comedy with a fatal flaw: it's rarely funny. Moore's drunk act wears thin fast, and the talent of the rest of the cast is squandered. Gielgud, who won an Academy Award for his performance in the first film, is resurrected (his character died in ARTHUR) briefly in a fantasy sequence and is as distinguished and unflappable as ever, providing a sorely needed touch of class.