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Angel Face Reviews

A beautiful but mentally unbalanced girl, Simmons, plans to kill her rich stepmother. Her first attempt fails when Mitchum, an ambulance driver, rushes to the scene and revives O'Neil. Simmons likes his looks and thinks to make good use of the strapping Mitchum, hiring him as the family chauffeur. Next Simmons fixes the family car so that O'Neil goes over a cliff to her death, taking with her Simmons' father, Marshall, whom Simmons truly loves; she had not meant for him to die. Simmons and Mitchum are both charged with murder and are defended by a shrewd lawyer, Ames, who insists they get married to draw sympathy from the jury. They are freed, but Mitchum realizes that his new wife is a killer and decides to leave her. As they are driving to the bus station, Simmons stalls the car, puts it in reverse, and both roar over a cliff to their deaths. Many of the twists and turns of this outrageous melodrama are indebted to THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE, particularly the courtroom machinations of Ames, who played a similar role in POSTMAN. Here, however, we have a satanic female intent on murder instead of two lovers bumbling into homicide. For all of its unbelievability, ANGEL FACE is consistently suspenseful under Preminger's sure direction. In short, you're never sure what that crazy woman will do next.