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Action in the North Atlantic Reviews

Excellent study of WWII merchant marine crew sailing between the U.S. and Murmansk, Russia, the only supply line then open between the Western Allies and the Soviet Union. Bogart plays a loyal, brave, and rugged first mate to idealistic captain Massey. After their first tanker is torpedoed, and the two barely survive an eleven-day ordeal at sea, Massey and Bogart are given a spanking new Liberty Ship, with most of their old crew members as well as a sharp Navy gun crew. They sail with a massive convoy en route to Murmansk, but are repeatedly hounded by U-boats. Bogart and company battle through the Nazi attacks, managing to sink a surfaced sub by faking a shipboard fire and ramming the sub, then shooting down several German bombers on the approach to Murmansk. A powerful document of a class of men given little due for their heroic role during WWII, the film lives up to its title--there is action aplenty. The film earned an Oscar nomination for its original story.