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A Very Brady Sequel Reviews

Sure, the sequel to THE BRADY BUNCH MOVIE is garish and broad. It's also goofy and regressive, and Exhibit A in the argument that baby boomer nostalgia is ruining the world. And you know what? It's also pretty funny -- certainly more so than the first film, which expended a lot of energy trying to situate the terminally '70s Bradys in the '90s without having to make them of the '90s. The sequel sniggers more but strains less, and lets the world's dopiest blended family do their very silly stuff. Such plot as there is derives from the apparent reappearance of Carol Brady's (Shelley Long) dead husband (Tim Matheson), and the quasi-incestuous feelings that blossom when Greg (Christopher Daniel Barnes) and Marcia (Christine Taylor) move into the attic. It's all more than a bit smarmy, but how could the terminally teleliterate fail to snicker at a nonstop barrage of vaguely dirty insinuations about such squeaky-clean nerds?