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A Change of Seasons Reviews

What may have seemed a bold subject (though Paul Mazursky anticipated it by a decade with his BOB AND CAROL AND TED AND ALICE) gets dull treatment here. Karen (Shirley MacLaine) is married to New England college professor Adam Evans (Anthony Hopkins), a typical academic philanderer. Adam is fooling around with Lindsey Rutledge (Bo Derek, fresh from her success in 10), Karen takes Pete Lachapelle (Michael Brandon) as a lover, and they all go on a skiing vacation to see how this menage-a-quartre can sort itself out. The rest of the film is as predictable as a long arctic winter, and just about as interesting. Derek, who was so memorable as a fantasy figure in 10, falls to earth with a thud here; Marybeth Hurt, as the Evans' daughter, steals what there is of the picture to steal. This one lost a bundle and deservedly so.